Classics never die - Welcome back the SMZ140 series

We're delighted to announce the return of the SMZ140 stereo microscope series!

Known for its compact yet powerful design, the SMZ140 series makes an amazing comeback with the latest LED models.

The SMZ140 series is perfect for educational environments, from schools to universities, and finds its place in quality control (QC) laboratories across various industries. Small footprint, big performance, these stereo microscopes offer a space-saving solution for easy storage in limited bench space. With environmentally friendly LED light sources to meet both incident and transmitted light requirements, this sustainable approach fits with today's focus on the environment.

For a journey into digital microscopy, the trinocular model takes the experience further and integrates seamlessly with the Moticam Series.

Welcome the SMZ140 series back into the spotlight. Let it light up your science classrooms again.