SMZ140 Series

SMZ140 Series

Stereo microscopes for basic microscopical work. A Greenough system with 4:1 zoom delivers instructive images. The working distance of 80mm gives enough space for inspection and preparation work.

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    SMZ140 Series
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SMZ140 microscope Optics


The Greenough systems are extendable with auxiliary objectives and alternative eyepieces up to 180x total magnification. The standard equipment delivers a 20mm Field of View.

SMZ140 microscope Illumination


From plain stands without illumination to integrated Halogen/LED light sources for incident and transmitted light: diverse compact solutions for observation and documentation are available.

SMZ140 microscope Mechanics


The standard packages come with a head holder and a pole stand with Ø 25mm mounting. Focusing is done through a coarse focus system with tension adjustment.

Learn here how to adjust the tension of the focusing system.

SMZ140 microscope Contrast Methods


A Darkfield attachment as well as a polarizing equipment are available. The flexibility of the system allows to implement the optics into a more complex setup with industrial boom stands for larger samples, longer working distance and external illumination, depending on the sample characteristics.