EasyStitch Pro Software

EasyStitch Pro Software


Designed for all those who are looking for a manual Whole Slide Scanning option. Take the intermediate step to an automated system.


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EasyStitch Pro


Scanning your sample has never been so easy. Capture easily single images of your slide and let the software stitch it to one Whole Slide Image. It is simple to obtain a panoramic view or overwrite unsharp images areas which already have been recorded. An absolute user-friendly software interface opens additional room for freedom.

EasyStitch Pro

WSI Easy One - Scale up the daily workflow

Newest technologies unified in one pack as manually Whole Slide Scanning system.
Past days of time intensive mosaics imaging composition or time-consuming trainings are history.

EasyStitch Pro

Seamless integration granted, simple Mount-Install-Move-Catch

The microscope can be easily transformed by mounting the Moticam Pro S5 Lite on it and install the software on your PC or laptop. Start the software, catch your images continuously in one flow and form an overview of your complete slide for deeper insights.

EasyStitch Pro

Affordable, Easy-to-handle and ready for multiple purposes

No further work-space requirement or need to consider additional maintaining costs. Ready to start, ready to go.
The WSI Easy One is made for Scientific Research like Pathology, Hematology, Cytology, Life Sciences or for Educational purposes.