USB Cameras

USB Cameras


The right choice if you work with a computer or laptop. Looking for more efficiency in your lab? Do the same work in less time, with our new Motic sCMOS cameras.


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Moticam S1 & S3 USB

Standard Live Resolution Cameras

Moticam S1 & S3 already carry the advanced sCMOS technology, at the same time being affordable for beginners in Digital Microscopy. Great for education institutes or small labs that always keep the budget in mind and do not need a high res file for printing purposes.

Moticam S6, Moticam S12 USB

High Resolution Cameras

Moticam S6 & S12 are focused on resolution, ready to reveal the tiniest detail of your sample on a large screen. Documentation in printed format is no problem at all. The data volume created by the 6/12MP sensors should be handled by a computer with USB 3.1 Gen.1 port for faster transmission.

Moticam Pro S5 Lite, Moticam Pro S5 Plus

Professional Cameras

The Moticam Pro S5 cameras are characterized by a large 2/3” sCMOS sensor and a Global Shutter for a speedy handling of moving phenomena. This camera line takes Sensitivity as a priority: Fluorescence, Polarization, Darkfield are the applications the engineers had in mind.

Moticam USB - Motic Images Plus 3.0 Software

New Motic Images Plus 3.0

Our well-known software that comes included with all Moticams has been completely re-designed! View, capture, edit, create reports... all its standard features and the new ones packed in a new user-friendly interface.

All-in-one box concept. Plug & Play.

All-in-One Box concept.

Plug & Play

Everything that you may need to work with your Moticam is included in one box. Supported by our own In-House team of software and mechanical engineers, each Moticam has the necessary tools to turn your images into knowledge. See what your Moticam box includes.

How to mount your moticam

Mount your Moticam

Professional cameras need a professional mounting. Take the trinocular port of your microscope, choose the appropriate C-mount adapter and start working. We are ready to help you in optimizing your setup.