Time to enter the Future Zone

Start working with the DS-Server MotiCloud. The future is going to be written today. Now’s the time! Efficiency in medical healthcare is more than ever a decisive factor. Laboratories and research institutes are working under high pressure. Diagnostics and data exchange are of highest importance. Time to utilize the Digitalization Service of Motic and make experience with the DS-Server MotiCloud, reserved for your data storage, and: Free of charge until End of September 2020.

Send us your samples. We will digitize them for you. Our tool: The MoticEasyScan scanning devices, ready for a precise and color-true digitization of your samples. On our MotiCloud all images will be at your disposal. Fasten up your workflow, share your opinion with a second specialist. Give access to your colleague by a simple Email. Our service will not create any unnecessary costs for you, just the transport costs to our office are on your own. No need to mention: All legal data protection rules are taken in the most serious way.