Technology progress briefly explained

Join our product specialist Dr. Cristina Silva at the pathology conference “VIII Curso de Patología Digital” (VIII Course of Digital Pathology) that was held in Valencia on October 2019.

Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, there was a pathologist student with great emphasize and engagement. A microscope and a single camera have been his only tools. But times are changing. That day appears, where he had to face that there was need of a second opinion. How to get? An easy image acquisition would be helpful. The worldwide data exchange would even be better. At this point a Motic scanning system opens the door. Easy imaging, easy acquisition of patient data, easy request for a second experienced opinion... no boarders. That how our Motic Scanning system works.

You like to know more? See and inform yourself about our contribution for the future:

Join Dr. Cristina Silva


“VIII Course of Digital Pathology” held in Valencia last October, it’s your chance now! Video language currently Spanish, available soon subtitled in other languages.


Our Scanner presentation (video available in English).