Motic 30th anniversary celebrations are all but over!

We want to keep celebrating our 30th Anniversary in style, and for that we are please to inform you that you will receive a free of charge 4 in 1 cleaning kit for every CLASSIC Line model that you purchase, until stocks last!

Caring for the cleanness of the lenses is one of the keys to make sure that your microscope will last longer and will keep on celebratating more and more anniversaries together with us. Our simple yet complete cleaning kit is the perfect tool for that, and it includes: air blowing, cleaning liquid, cloth and brush.

Don’t forget that whenever you needed a more professional package, Motic also offers its 6 in 1 cleaning kit solution, which includes air blowing, cleaning liquid, cloth, brush, leans cleaning paper and cotton stick, for only 17 Euro per package. Contact your local dealer for more information!

Stay tuned for more 30th Anniversary surprises!