The world is not enough - Medica Exhibition 2019

Following this motto, we like to tell you: Keep MEDICA in mind. World's most important exhibition about medical equipment is around. From November 18th, 2019 till November 21st, 2019 MEDICA exhibition opens its gate again. A whole world of manufacturers will exhibit their medical equipment, and we will participate.

Following "The world is not big enough" we invite you to look at the medical field from a different angle. The exchange of diagnostic results, a "second opinion" for confirmation is ready to be saved by IT-tools for a long-time patient treatment. If it is about pathology, cytology or histology, a scanning system from Motic will be the right starting point for a world-wide cooperation of specialists. Easy to handle, a New York doctor is ready to talk with Amsterdam, Berlin or HongKong. International datelines play no matter.

The workflow: Simple and fast
The effort: A minimum
The effect: Best consultancy for the patient

One step smaller is also possible-small but big in performance: Our Panthera line of professional medical microscopes deliver maximum image fidelity for a reliable diagnosis, with power cameras for digital image savings.

Local or world-wide - we supply you with an adequate solution.
The world will become small visit us @Motic Hall 10/G46.

We'll wait for you!