SFC3 Series

SFC3 Series

A simple microscope for young children. Robust and easy to handle: The Motic SFC-3 Series is made for our youngest scientists.

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SFC3 microscope Optics


The SFC-3 Series features Achromatic objectives in a 160mm Finite system. The 10X/14 eyepiece carries a pointer for demonstration purposes.

SFC3 microscope Illumination


The SFC-3 illumination is based on a plan-concave mirror. The substage condenser is a rotary disc with a set of lenses harmonized to each objective

SFC3 microscope Mechanics


The 3-fold nosepiece ensures precise click-stops for each objective position. The plain stage carries 2 sample clips for a safe fixation of the slide. The SFC-3 Series offers a coarse focus model and a model with separate coarse/fine focus and tension adjustment.