Panthera C Series

Panthera C Series

A new level of light microscope for life sciences: New Ultra Contrast optics, a unique dual-slide holder for one-hand operation and an LED “Feedback indicator” ready to optimize your workflow.


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Panthera C microscope UC Plan optics


The Panthera C Series carries new CCIS© Plan Ultra Contrast objectives with improved transmission. UC-WF 10X/22 eyepieces, specifically matching the respective UC objectives provide an enlarged sample overview. The diopter adjustment of +/-5dpt allows a perfect adaption to the individual eye-sight.

Panthera C microscope HAL/LED illumination


The Panthera C microscopes feature a 30W Halogen illumination in a Full Koehler setup. The light source can be replaced by LEDs of different color temperatures (3500K/5500K). The high-quality condenser with slider slot and NA 0.90/1.25 enables the individual visualization of weakly or non-stained samples.

Panthera C microscope mechanics stage


The reversed 5-fold nosepiece gives access for a trouble-free change of slides. The coaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustment and 2 µ minimum increment allows a smooth z-movement. The rackless x/y stage with its dual-slide holder enables a fast throughput of samples.

Panthera C microscope contrast methods Phase Contrast objectives

Contrast Methods

The microscope is prepared for Phase contrast with turret condenser, Polarization contrast and Darkfield. It is possible to integrate an LED Fluorescence module without the environmental risks associated with mercury bulb usage.

icon HAL / LED illumination Motic

HAL/LED interchangeability

The 30W Halogen illumination can easily be exchanged with LED light sources of different color temperatures (3500K/5500K).

icon Motic LightTracer smart illumination

Motic LightTracer

The smart illumination system is coordinated by a multi-function knob and works with the coded nosepiece to memorize the illumination for each objective position.

icon light intensity indicator Panthera Motic

Nosepiece feedback indicator

The LED "Feedback indicator" shows the light intensity and the illumination mode.

icon koehler illumination Motic

Full-Koehler illumination

Following the standard in advanced light microscopy, a Full-Koehler setup for transmitted light is implemented.

icon rackless compact mechanical stage Motic

Patented compact mechanical stage

The patented compact rackless stage has an anti-scratch coating and a new dual-slide holder that allows one-handed operation.

icon LED fluorescence Motic

LED Fluorescence

The Fluorescence method can be incorporated into the daily workflow without the environmental risks associated with mercury bulb usage thanks to Motic's FLED Fluorescence modules.