MoticEasyScan Series

MoticEasyScan Series


A Series of scanners for the digitization of glass slide information. Digitally save samples from the patient, share your slides or switch to live mode for a direct remote observation.


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  1. MoticEasyScan One
    MoticEasyScan Series
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  2. MoticEasyScan Pro 6
    MoticEasyScan Series
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  3. MoticEasyScan Pro 6-FS
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  4. MoticEasyScan Infinity 100
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MoticEasyScan infinity with computer


The MoticEasyScan models features a CCIS© 20X/0.75 Plan Apochromatic objective for high resolution and color fidelity as well as a 10X/0.3 S Apo objective for the overview perspective.

MoticEasyScan sample smear scanned slide


A 3-camera system for Auto-focus, overview and detail information ensures an effective acquisition of all necessary slide information. A 5MP 2/3" High-speed camera is responsible for the acquisition of the high-resolution image. Resolution: 40X: 0.26µm/pixel; 20X: 0.52µm/pixel

MoticEasyScan scanning modes

Scanning Modes

Normal (Real-time Autofocus); High precision; EDF (Extended depth of Field); Z-stack

MoticEasyScan One Frozen Section

FS-Live Telepathology System

The FS-Live allows pathologists and other health specialists to view a case slide in seconds from anywhere in the world, eliminating costly travel time for hospitals and improving quality of care for patients.

icon max. slide capacity 102 Motic

Maximum slide capacity 102

icon 1D & 2D barcode support

1D & 2D barcode support

icon USB 3.0 interface Motic

USB 3.0 Interface