BA410E Series

BA410E Series

Research microscopes for transparent samples. The EC-H optics can be replaced by Fluorite and Apochromatic lenses for maximum performance. This system is ready for a personal microscope.

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BA410E microscope Optics


The BA410E optics is based on CCIS© EC-H Plan Achromatic objectives for transparent samples from all application fields. The N-WF 10X/22 eyepieces provide a quick sample overview. Plan Fluorite and Plan Apochromatic lenses for improved transmission and color fidelity can be added.

BA410E microscope Illumination


The BA410E microscopes feature a 50W/100W Halogen illumination system in a Full-Koehler setup. A high-quality Swing in/out condenser enables the visualization of weakly or non-stained samples, at the same time ready to work with a 2X/0.05 overview objective.

Koehler: Setup & Alignment
BA410E microscope Mechanics


The rackless stage without prominent gear rack enables a safe x/y scanning especially for unexperienced users. BA410E’s hard-coated stage with ceramic insert is designed for an abrasion-free lifetime. The 2-slide holder allows a safe and long-time evaluation of diverse samples.

Learn here how to adjust the tension of the focusing system.

BA410E microscope Contrast Methods

Contrast Methods

The BA410E Series allows to choose between positive and negative Phase contrast, and there are accessories to perform the Polarization contrast and simple Darkfield. An HBO Fluorescence is possible by implementing an optional 4-pos. Epi-Illuminator with 100W Mercury lamp house.

HBO Fluorescence Setup
icon sextuple nosepiece coded Motic

Coded sextuple nosepiece

icon auto ON-OFF Motic

Auto ON-OFF function

icon HAL 100W Motic

Powerful 100W Halogen version

icon Plan Apochromatic objectives Motic

Optional Plan APO objectives

icon rackless stage with ceramic insert Motic

Rackless stage with ceramic insert

icon HBO Fluorescence Motic

HBO Fluorescence attachment