BA310 Series

BA310 Series

Professional transmitted light microscope, designed for intense use in universities, clinics and laboratories. Featuring EC-Plan Achromat objectives, mechanical stage and a 3W LED light source in a Full-Koehler setup.


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BA310 microscope optics


The BA310LED optics is based on CCIS© EC Plan Achromatic objectives for transparent samples like sections, smears and dispersions. The N-WF 10X/20 eyepieces provide a fast sample overview, with a maximum ease of use in adjusting the eyepieces to an individual eye sight.

BA310 microscope illumination


The BA310LED microscopes feature a 3W LED illumination system in a Full-Koehler setup. A high-quality condenser with NA 0.90/1.25 enables the visualization of weakly or non-stained samples.

Learn here how to replace the LED bulb

BA310 microscope mechanics


The traditional stage enables a safe and long-term x/y scanning. BA310LED's hard-coated stage is designed for a rough usage in daily work. The coaxial coarse/fine focus with tension adjustment and 2µm minimum increment allows a smooth focusing in z-direction.

Learn here how to adjust the tension of the focusing system.

BA310 microscope Contast Methods

Contrast Methods

The BA310LED Series allows to choose between positive and negative Phase contrast, a rare option. While the positive version is the established standard, some users prefer the negative version. Polarization contrast and simple Darkfield (up to objective N.A. 0.65) can also be performed.

Turret Phase Contrast
icon LED illumination Motic

LED illumination

The BA310 microscope features a 3W LED light, as a safe and long-term illumination with reduced heat development.

icon multi-viewing devices Motic

Multi-viewing devices

Multi-Viewing Devices up to 4 co-workers are available for an individual teaching in a face-to-face or side-by-side configuration.

icon koehler illumination Motic

Full Koehler

For best possible illumination quality, a high quality condenser with NA 0.9/1.25 is implemented in a full Koehler setup with field diaphragm.