B3 Series

B3 Series

Microscopes for advanced work in biology and medicine. Transparent samples are treated by ASC or PL objectives with FOV20. Users profit from the flexible 5-fold nosepiece and the Full-Koehler setup.

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B3 microscope Optics


The B3 Series features ASC (Achromatic Super Contrast) or Plan objectives in a 160mm Finite system. The 10X/20 eyepieces give an easy sample overview.  

B3 microscope Illumination


All B3 models come with a 20W Halogen light source in a Full-Koehler setup. The 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser includes an iris diaphragm for native and weakly stained samples. The Phase models include a fully equipped Turret condenser with all necessary illumination rings.

B3 microscope Mechanics


The reversed 5-fold nosepiece gives space for a trouble-free change of slides. A built-in low position coaxial stage with sample holder enables a safe x/y movement.

Learn here how to adjust the tension of the focusing system.

B3 microscope Contrast Methods

Contrast Methods

Phase contrast is possible by the optional Ph10X/0.25 and Ph40X/0.65 objectives and the respective plug-in Phase attachments. For a complete Phase equipment, the respective Phase models are recommended. Polarization contrast as well as Darkfield (up to objective N.A. 0.65) can be added simply.