Wi-fi Cameras

Wi-Fi Cameras


Sometimes you just need to cut away from the wires and have a live image transmitted to your tablet, your computer or your phone wirelessly. Quantification tools are still kept available no matter what device you are using to view the live images.


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  1. Moticam X5 Plus
    Moticam Series
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Moticam Wi-Fi X3 Plus

Moticam X5 Plus

A unique solution to turn your old microscope into a Wi-Fi station, enabled to share your images with up to 6 devices at the same time. Simply logon with your tablet or smartphone and get ready to capture, edit and store your microscope images with the free App MotiConnect.

Moticam Wi-Fi MotiConnect free App

MotiConnect App

View, edit, capture and store your images in the blink of an eye, view live images on multiple wireless devices and share your work with anyone in just a few clicks. The MotiConnect app makes data sharing possible in a collaborative environment, encouraging teamwork and collective learning experiences.

Download here the App for iOS

Download here the App for Android

Moticam Wi-Fi All-in-One Box concept

All-in-One Box concept

Everything that you may need to work with your Moticam is included in one box. Supported by our own In-House team of Software and Mechanical Engineers, each Moticam has the necessary equipment to help you turn your images into knowledge.

How to mount your moticam Wi-Fi

Mount your Moticam

There are two ways to mount your Moticam into your microscope. You can either use the eyepiece couplers that come included with the Moticam Pack, or you can choose the C-Mount adapter method, to be used with a trinocular microscope.