Demanded, promised and now fully developed!

Demanded, promised and now fully developed!

Demanded, promised and now fully developed!

2021 - we present the new State-of-the-Art technologies for demanding Expert Work:

Achieve reliable results in medical research or the industrial sectors: more precisely, faster, and affordable with the new series of powerful expert instruments from Motic. Tailored for the broad universe of applications: PA53 series and SM7.

Where research begins, we help you to expand your insight. Where quality control is in your focus, we've got the tools for you. Reach your expert level with our new high-end instruments. Easy to handle, ready for results.

What does it mean powerful in medical applications? An expanded 25mm Field of View, a 6-fold Fluorescence cube turret, individually controlled LED illumination channels for a harmonized multi-stained image. Do you want more? Go for the optional Auto EDF mode with a motorized Z-stage.

And what about industrial quality control? Optical performance is no issue, trust your eyes. Brightfield, Darkfield and DIC with a single prism. A motorized nosepiece for ease of use, an optional 3D profiler tool for quantitative measurements or simple topographic images, this is what you can expect. A large array of inspection tasks will be easy to handle and are ready for results.

Simple said: Streamline your processes now with pioneer solutions evolved for expert demands. It's time to discover the new expert solutions: PA53 series and SM7 series.

Questions? Ask us, we guide you to a tailor-made solution.

2021 - to new fields and beyond.