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HD Cameras


The 2nd generation of HD cameras has it all! Highest definition in Full HD, USB and HDMI outputs which are able to work simultaneously, and even an on-board software that will allow you to work just with a screen and a mouse.


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Moticam 1080 HD

Moticam 1080

The Full HD affordable multi-tasking microscopy camera. It does not requiere a computer for standard operation, as it comes with an on-board software that will allow you to use it simply by connecting it to a screen through its HDMI port and with a mouse connected to the USB port of the camera.

Moticam 1080 INT and BMH

Moticam 1080BMH & INT

The Moticam 1080 BMH & INT versions are Full HD multi-tasking microscopy cameras that deliver an impressive 1080p Full HD live image with maximum colour fidelity on an integrated LCD screen. The BMH version is a C-mount camera, attachable to any trinocular microscope, whereas the INT version is an intermediate camera for Motic's BA Series.

Moticam 1080 HD on-board software

On-board software

The Moticam 1080 has its own software built-in, making it possible to view live images, make image adjustments or edit them and capture images or record videos directly from a screen with the help of a mouse. For further image analysis and measurements you can use the well-known Motic Images Plus 3.0 software.

Moticam 1080 HD outputs


The Full HD camera is meant to be used through its HDMI port, connected to a screen and working with the on-board software, although it can also be connected to a computer through the USB port to be used as any other Moticam. Both ports can work simultaneusly.

Full HD vs SD resolution

The 1080 Full HD signal multiplies the amount of details of your digital image up to 5 times compared to Standard Definition (SD) or to an analogue video. It gives you richer color definition, better signal integrity, greater bandwidth capacity and high definition video.

SD vs HD